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Employment Discrimination

Workplace Discrimination Lawyers

Montana Workplace Discrimination Lawyers

Unfortunately, discrimination in the workplace is a common occurrence. While common, our workplace discrimination lawyers are fighting hard to right the wrongs of marginalized and discriminated groups and classes. If you are a victim of workplace discrimination in Montana, you have rights. Contact our lawyers right away for a case evaluation. We understand the laws and can help you recover damages. With over 40 years of combined experience, Matt Braukmann and James Dallner will stand up for your rights as an employee in the state of Montana.

Injury & Disability



Sexual Orientation

Pregnancy Status


Veteran Status


Decades of Experience Finding Resolutions in Employment Discrimination Cases

With decades of experience finding resolutions in employment discrimination cases in Montana, our lawyers understand the laws that companies must adhere to in order to provide a safe and healthy working environment. We have worked with many clients who were victims of workplace discrimination. Our case results speak for themselves. If you need a lawyer on your side in an employment discrimination situation, you need Rimrock Law.

Whether your workplace discrimination involves an injury or disability, pregnancy status, race, gender, sexual orientation, or veteran status, Matt Braukmann and James Dallner have the knowledge and skill to help you successfully recover damages from your discrimination claim. 

Fighting for Rights of All Employees

The workplace discrimination lawyers at Rimrock Law are experienced and skilled when it comes to representing individuals who have been discriminated against in their place of employment. Here are just a few types of discrimination cases we have resolved: 

  • Injury & Disability Discrimination
  • Pregnancy Status Discrimination
  • Race/Color Discrimination
  • Gender Discrimination
  • Sexual Orientation Discrimination
  • Veteran Status Discrimination
  • Age Discrimination
  • Religious Discrimination


Discrimination situations in your place of work can take an emotional toll, not to mention a financial hit if you have missed promotion opportunities or have been terminated due to any of the reasons listed above. If you are walking through this, you don’t have to do it alone. The lawyers at Rimrock Law are here stand up on your behalf and teach you your rights while working on recovering the compensation you deserve.

You Deserve Compensation

Matt Braukmann and James Dallner have worked for over 20 years to help correct injustices done to employees in Montana. If you’ve missed out on a raise, award, promotion – or you have lost your job entirely – it is not your fault. You deserve compensation and our lawyers will fight to get it.

Workplace Discrimination

Our results from the dozens of workplace discrimination claims we have resolved speak for themselves.

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Our Employment Discrimination Lawyers

If you have been discriminated against in the workplace, it is time to reach out to our team of advocates. We will fight for you for equal treatment and fair compensation.


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