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Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation

With over 40 years of combined experience, choose Rimrock Law when you need a Workers' Compensation Lawyer in Montana.

When you are injured on the job, the last thing you want to deal with is having your paycheck withheld or being denied compensation due to a company failing to report an incident or incorrectly submitting a claim.  Fortunately, our lawyers are experienced when it comes to dealing with the insurance company. We have represented dozens of clients to help them receive the financial relief they are deserved when injured at work. 
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As the leading workers’ compensation lawyers in the state of Montana, we have successfully represented more than a hundred clients with their work comp claims. 

Insurance companies have one goal in mind – to hit you while you are down. Even if you do everything right, they know the loopholes and know how to stress the system to decrease your payment, shorten your time off work during a work-related injury, or compromise your ability to quality for workers’ compensation at all.

Matt Braukmann and James Dallner understand this process and work diligently on behalf of each and every client to reach a successful outcome. In many cases, simply having a workers’ compensation lawyer on your side is enough to tip the scales your way. 

With Rimrock Law, you are in the best legal hands. We won’t back down to the insurance company, we’ve got your back.

The Process for Filing Workers' Compensation

When injured on the job, the first step is to report the incident to your immediate supervisor or to the company’s human resources department. This should be done immediately. You then need to fill out Form ERD-991 First Report of Injury or Occupational Disease. Employees must submit a written and signed First Report of Injury within 12 months from the date of the accident or occupational disease.


Don't forget to follow up with the state of Montana to ensure they have received all of the necessary paperwork for your claim. In all cases, you will also need to send in a wage statement so they can calculate the correct payment for your compensation. It is important to speak to a real person so you can be confident there is nothing missing from your claim.

When everything goes right, the state of Montana will receive your incident report along with a wage statement and can calculate your workers' compensation within 30 days. Sometimes, things don't go the way we plan. If for some reason your company did not submit the necessary information on your behalf, they missed out on workers' compensation payments, or something else is going on, you need to contact our lawyers.

Don’t Leave Your Paycheck to Chance

Matt Braukmann and James Dallner bring more than 40 years of combined legal experience to the table for their workers’ compensation clients. As advocates, they are highly knowledgeable about the Montana workers’ compensation laws and requirements and can help you get what you deserve after a workplace injury or illness.

Whether your workplace discrimination involves an injury or disability, pregnancy status, race, gender, sexual orientation, or veteran status, Matt Braukmann and James Dallner have the knowledge and skill to help you successfully recover damages from your discrimination claim. 

Standing Up to the Insurance Company

The workers’ compensation lawyers at Rimrock Law are experienced and skilled when it comes to representing individuals who have been injured on the job and are now unable to work. 

The insurance company is not on your side. In fact, in workers’ comp situations, the insurance company will make it difficult for you to receive the entirety of what is owed to you after a work injury. From sending representatives with you to doctor visits to overly criticizing your work incident, the insurance company can make an already terrible situation worse.

Our Montana workers’ compensation lawyers understand that and know exactly how to stand up to the insurance company. You don’t have to be bullied. Our lawyers are not afraid to defend you against big insurance companies. At Rimrock Law, you’re covered.

You Deserve Compensation

It is important to remember after a work injury that it isn’t your fault – things happen that are beyond your control. When a situation like this happens, it is unexpected and can leave you feeling hopeless and financially strained. Schedule a free consultation with our lawyers today – you deserve your full payment through worker’s compensation.

Work Compensation

We have resolved over one hundred workers’ compensation cases over the last two decades resulting in multi-million dollars in recovered damages.

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We have your answers for Montana Workers' Compensation

Who Pays for Montana Workers' Compensation?

In Montana, work comp may be obtained in three ways: self-insurance, a private company, or from the Montana State Fund. Work comp is solely funded by premiums paid by employers based on the amount of payroll they pay in the various job categories or class codes. Each class code has a work comp rate associated with it. 

Why Hire a Lawyer for Your Work Comp Claim?

The insurance company has one goal in mind, to keep its payouts low.  There are many tactics the insurance companies utilize to accomplish this goal, from hiring doctors to evaluate you to sending people to your medical appointments.  Protect your rights by contacting us today.  We will handle all contact with the insurance company and will make sure you receive all benefits to which you are legally entitled.

How Much Does a Work Comp Lawyer Cost?

Fees are set by state law at 20% of any benefits obtained on a client’s behalf. 

How Long Do I Receive Benefits?

In Montana, each work comp claim is unique. However, generally speaking, a work comp insurer is required to pay temporary total disability (wage loss) payments to you while you are off work recovering from your injuries. These wage loss benefits will ultimately terminate if you return full-time to your time-of-injury job without physical restrictions. If you are unable to return to your job full-time, your temporary total disability benefits will likely terminate when you have completed your medical treatment. The work comp insurer must also pay for your necessary and reasonable medical treatment for at least 5 years from the date of your accident. There are exceptions to these general rules. There are also other categories of benefits to which you may be entitled, which may total hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. We are happy to review your claim with you to develop a strategy to ensure you receive every penny to which you are entitled.

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Workers' Compensation Lawyers

Don’t leave your paycheck to chance. If you have been injured on the job, trust Montana’s Work Comp lawyers.

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